“A business without purpose is like a world without humanity”

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4 min readMar 31, 2021


After years studying and growing medicinal plants, Caroline Duell founded All Good, a company that specialises in organic body-care products — from reef-friendly sunscreens and lip balms to lotions, deodorants and coconut oils.

As well as being a B Corp and climate neutral certified, All Good is a member of 1% for the Planet and gives 1% of all sales revenues to direct action environmental causes. MaCher caught up with her for B Corp Month….

Where did your passion for business with purpose come from?

I think of it more like a business without purpose is like a world without humanity. I really like having fun and spreading positive vibes, this has always been the case and has been inspired by many people along the way. I am constantly inspired by the resilience of nature and by the interconnected communication of plants, animals and microbes in thriving living systems.

What do you think is the importance of the B Corp movement for business — how do you think that being a B Corp can make a difference in how or what people buy?

The B Corp movement offers a non-marginalized and measurable communication tool for the very complex requirements behind passing the assessment and holding the line on responsible business practices.

It offers consumers a simple stamp of trust when looking to keep a clean conscience while making purchases.

All Good calendula field

What do you think is the importance of being a B Corp for your customers?

Once again, it’s about developing trust. And the movement has grown tremendously through many industries and across countries. The movement is growing, consumers actually get it, and B Corps have the opportunity to lead consumers from an extractive destructive way of capitalism to one that supports a circular economy where all stakeholders are considered.

How much does your business look to other B Corps as partners/suppliers?

All the time — we love partnering with fellow B Corps.

When assessing a new supplier, we dive into business practices with them. In one case, we were pursued by a vendor for years, and I finally told him, “Look, take the B Corp assessment and if you consider embracing the principles, we will do business with you.” He returned in 3 months on the path to certification and grateful to learn of ways he could improve his business’ approach to enhancing how he supported his team and how he could improve processes to reduce waste. They’re a great supply partner of ours, and together we amplify the work we each do internally to lighten our carbon footprint and support a more just world.

What are your key learnings from the process of becoming B Corp certified?

We certified in 2009, and we learned early on that there was so much more to learn. That humility has continued to serve us in making improvements all the time. We like to say that All Good makes everybody better, and in that everybody, we mean us too.

What does the future look like for you?

All Good team

When I think of the future right now, I am reminded, every time, to be grounded in the present moment. The gifts we can receive are hiding in every single moment we come back to this minute we are in. That said, the future of All Good is a brand that uplifts the lives of those who seek wellness in motion and want to trust what they put on their body for safety, nourishment, and protection. (and the near future looks like holding on to the quiet we’ve found in the last 12 months choosing to meaningfully engage in ways to gather for music, laughter, love, and learning.)

This article has been posted by MaCher to celebrate B Corp Month 2021 and build awareness of companies that meet the highest standard of verified social and environmental performance. For more information about All Good, please click here.



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