We need to consider our every impact on the next seven generations

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3 min readMar 22, 2021

Seventh Generation is an American company that sells eco-friendly cleaning, paper, and personal care products. Its name was inspired by the Great Law of the Iroquois, which states that in our every deliberation we need to consider our impact on the next seven generations.

From this inspiration they tell MaCher how they built a business on a mission to create a more healthy, sustainable, and equitable world that would incorporate this focus on a better future.

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How does your mission guide you?

Our mission sits at the center of everything we do: from formulating plant-based laundry detergent that tackles tough stains, to packaging in post-consumer-recycled bottles, to advocating for a just transition to renewable energy solutions. Most of all, our mission propels us to make bold, impactful commitments to solve the biggest crisis of our time: the climate crisis.

Our 2025 goals are ambitious and will propel us to create transformative solutions to do our part to solve the climate crisis.

What do you think is the importance of the B Corp movement for business?

We know that the majority of the people know there is a climate crisis and want to do their part for the environment. But we also know there is a big gap between the values people have and their behavior (recycling, buying “green products” etc.)

While many would point to the consumer and say: “If you want to save the planet, do your part”, BCorps recognize that the biggest crises of our time require big solutions. The kinds of transformative solutions companies and industries develop to be better for all people on this planet. The BCorp movement is important because it invites companies to be a part of the change, and has real mechanisms to hold businesses accountable.

How can being a B Corp make a difference in how or what people buy?

B Corps enable consumers to close what we call the “attitude to action gap” and buy in line with their values. In return, companies must make it so that people are not forced to make a trade-off when they buy from BCorps. They must be able to get the same or better performance and value, but from companies who are committed to people and planet.

How much does your business look to other B Corps as partners/suppliers?

We always ask partners and suppliers we work with if they are BCorps or if they would consider becoming BCorporations. We’ve seen companies pursue that status — like our favorite local design agency Driven Studios — and it makes is so happy when we see that happen.

This article has been posted by MaCher to celebrate B Corp Month 2021 and build awareness of companies that meet the highest standard of verified social and environmental performance. For more information about Seventh Generation, please click here.



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